On these pages you will find quite a bit of information
    I hope you do get something out of the information provided

   With regard to Pounamu
   Pounamu is the Maori name for "Nephrite Jade" if it has been
   found in New Zealand. The English translation of the word
   Pounamu is "Greenstone".
   Pounamu at this time is only normally found on the 
   West coast of the South Island from Fiordland in the south
   to Durville island in Cook Strait.

   Pounamu was a regular find up until the 1970's however
   since then supplies of good stone became eratic.
   During the 1970's manufacturers discovered Australian
   jade, Canadian Jade and Russian jade.
   These countries are huge and although the jade there is a little
   different looking it is still "Nephrite Jade".
   Not only this but the factories discovered that Asian country's
   could provide huge supplies of perfectly sized ring stones
   which stopped cabachone making work for the few New 
   Zealand jade factories.
   Many of these stones turn out to be of the plastic variety or
   plastic covered.
   This of course means that much of the Nephrite Jade that
   Is in the shops of the world including New Zealand includes
   Great quantity's of Australian, Canadian and Russian jade
   and massive amounts of plastic looking like Jade.
   Sadly according to a Malaysian factory owner much of the
   stock of the world contains at least 99% of resin fake
   jade! In his words"and I make it".



Kakapo and Chick
  "Bonding"    Carved fron Hokitika river Pounamu   

   "Family"    Carved from Kawhaka creek Pounamu

   'Kakapo and Chick'   Carved from Arahura  river Pounamu

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  Yesterday 16/11/2016 I had a very educated man pass
  through my
studio, his area of expertese was Geology.
  This man had recently travelled through a rather large
  country west of New Zealand with a huge history of "Jade".

  This Geologist had entered on a tour one of the large
  "Jade" carving factories on show to see the stone being worked.

   The Geologist after seeing all the work and wokers to be seen then 
  turned to one of the main personal and said "Where is the Jade",
  he had seen none. The official then said "We call everything Jade 
  because it is pretty". Sums it up really.
  The rock in general being used was the relatively common Rose 
  Quartz  and the soft rock Malachite.

  News update
  This week on the 5/12/2016 I recieved a visit from a family the
  Mother a carver and the Daughter also who had won a major prize
  in the New Zealand National Jade Carving Competition.

  The upshot was that she knew a New Zealander who had gone
  To attend the world Jade Carving competition and had come home
  with some fake jade. The reality is is that the fake that he brought
  home is hard enough to carve, looks in fact like the real thing
  but in this case will burn and has a smell when carving!

  Remember "Real good Jade" is now NZ $1200 a lb  (less than a
  half a kg. In Canada enough great Canadian Jade to make one
  bangle can set you back $1500. This is a reality check for you.

   Centre Left

   "Kawhaka Leaves"


    On Right



  "The Spirit of
    Lake Mahinapua"

  Griffen Range stone.



      Welcome To
Kakapotahi Gorge rock
Nertera granadensis
Flax Flower

    The New Zealand Flax Flower in Ross

   Below -
  A Rock Wall in the Kakapotahi Gorge South Westland.
  Nertera granadensis on Mt Greenland, behind the town of Ross

   Jade Art is dedicated to providing
   quality, real New Zealand Pounamu
   (Greenstone) carvings to the visitors
   that come through the studio.
   The carver is Steve Maitland a master
   Steve has been carving for over fourty years 

   and continues as he started out, original
   carvings and variations of standards.
   All his stone comes from the Westcoast.
   Steve was born in Hokitika and started his
   vocation in a jade factory where he quickly
   became a foreman and then was snapped up
   by another factory to become manager.

   Steve can be blunt about the world jade
   trade and is not frightened to speak his

   New Zealand Pounamu is one of the earths
   wonders and Steve is honoured to be
   privilaged to be able to make stories with
   the stone.
   On this website I have placed some photographs of
   my hometown birdlife, plants and work I do hope
   you take the time to look through them.
   I hope to one day make a really good job of my website
   but that said artists can be all over the place!
   Page three has the most birdlife so far.

   All the best
   Steve Jade Creature



The Spirit of Lake Mahinapua
Kawhaka leaves